Frequently Asked Questions

How many tickets do I need?

What are the drive-in general rules?

1. NC State Mandate:

While away from your vehicle use of a face mask is mandatory. YES, even just to use the restroom. 
While out of your vehicle please distance yourself a minimum of 6 Feet from others.
4. Lawn chairs must be located within your parking space AND at least 6 Feet away from other persons not in your party. Chairs only allowed in front or behind your vehicle. No chairs allowed to the sides of your vehicle.
5. NO sitting or standing on top of your vehicle roof.
5. Watch your Headlights, Brake lights and Hatchbacks:
Once in your parking space please make sure your headlights are off and you are not keeping a foot on your brakes.
6.Pets are allowed, but must be on a 6' or shorter leash at all times. 
* If you are sitting in the back of a vehicle with a hatchback please tie down your hatchback as to not block the view of others.

What time do I arrive?

30 minutes to 1 hour before show time.

i.e. For 8pm showing. Arrive between 7pm - 7:30pm
Once the movie has started we cannot allow anyone to enter the theater. 

What is your cancellation policy?

What happens if a movie I purchased tickets for is canceled?

Can I buy tickets in person?

What safety precautions are you taking for COVID?

Safety is our top priority!

Pre-Screening Our Staff:

Wellness checks for every employee at the beginning of each shift,  to ensure everyone on our team is healthy and ready to safely serve you and your family. 
Personal Protective Equipment:
Face coverings are required of all our staff. Staff manning concessions are required to wear gloves as well.

How do I hear the movies?

We will be transmitting audio to your vehicles FM radio. 

We will soon be launching an audio streaming platform to your mobile phone over FREE Wifi.

Are Drive In Movies Allowed During COVID

N.C. Governor Cooper's COVID-19 Phase 2.5 Guidelines under Executive Order #163 allows all drive-in events.

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